Robots Don't Cry

First Encounter

The party happened upon a group of Badders and Porkers seemingly ganging up on a cockroach outside of a large tower. Kek rushed up to the nearest Badder hoping to take it unawares, but the group was well alerted of his presence. In fact, in Kek’s haste, he managed to trip over himself, landing dead last in the initiative order.

Kek’s life appeared to be in danger early on, but some close up melee support from Owqam backed up by psychic assaults from Qx and deadly shoe throwing from Kejpi dispersed the Badders and Porkers pretty quickly. The cockroach (NPC Nawo) created a Doppelganger clone and ran away and hid. Owqam, not trusting Nawo, attempted to trap the clone, but it vanished as soon as it was hit. The two Porkers were fried to a crisp (BBQ anyone?) by Aqeo, and the last Badder ran away after being confronted by Kek.

Nawo told the party that he had heard a rumor that several Ancient devices were hidden within the tower, and he had come to investigate. He is a wandering merchant who likes to find such devices, fix them up, and trade them for whatever supplies he needs. However, he was ambushed by the Porkers and Badders, who seemed to be standing around acting as guards. Nawo thinks that the tower may have become recently inhabited by a gang.

To show his gratitude at being saved, he presented each party member with an Omega Tech and some ancient junk.

Brian – Owqam
Alpha Mutation – Fast Healing
Omega Tech – Spy Comp / Flash Neurojack from Nawo

Kyle – Qx
Alpha Mutation – Dart Cough
Omega Tech – Adrenaline Pill / The Patch from Nawo

Moises – Aqeo
Alpha Mutation – Amnesia Field
Omega Tech – All-Seeing Egg / Enviromask from Nawo

Eric – Kejpi
Alpha Mutation – Stink Glands
Omega Tech – Jet Boots / Dim Photonic Spear from Nawo

Michael – Kek
Alpha Mutation – Devolution
Omega Tech – Leaky Fusion Rifle / Unreliable Jet Pack from Nawo

Gained 600 EXP from Encounter

Session 1! (Again)

So Monday, 8/20 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM Pacific. Hopefully it won’t take the full 2 hours.

Session 1!

Session 1 has been tentatively scheduled for Thursday, August 16! next week… Time to be determined.


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