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Introduction to Gamma World


Sample character: Nawo
Please use the NPC as a template for adding your own characters to the Characters tab.

Starting Gear

The full list of starting gear can be found on the Items tab.


Please see Ammunition for more information regarding guns and ammo.

House Rules

For this campaign I am house ruling that Alpha Mutations do not get redrawn at the end of an encounter. (This helps minimize the amount of tracking I need to do.) The only time you will receive new Alpha Mutations will be during Alpha Flux (roll a 1 during an encounter). If an Alpha Flux occurs, you will discard one of your Alpha Mutations (your choice, even if the power has already been used for the encounter), and draw a new one and ready it.


Most encounters will end with the characters able to spend a short time resting before moving on. During this time, Alpha Mutations are readied, and players check if Omega Techs are recharged. Roll for each of your Omega Techs to check whether it is recharged – 10 or higher is a success, 9 or lower is a failure. If the check succeeds, ready the Omega Tech for your next encounter. If the check fails, discard the Omega Tech unless you can salvage it immediately. Salvaged Omega Tech cards do not need to undergo the recharge process.


For a description of skills, please visit the Skills page or click on a skill in the following list.

Main Page

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